Design is my life...

Welcome to my design world...

Welcome to my design-garage, built in Germany more than 20 years ago.

It´s now mainly settled in CROATIA in Zagreb and on the island HVAR and in Germany near by Düsseldorf. I was working for a long time in advertising and marketing affairs, but I returned to my first and true love -  illustration and packaging design.

I learned a medley spectrum of styles and design skills in more than 27 years. It starts with hand drawings, portraits, landscape impressions, photography - mainly the starting

Nike Karkovića, HVAR, 2017


of my best designs

this YEAR

The pencil is still alive and I am sure he will never die.

It´s unbelievable but any kind of digital artwork and design works the same way as to draw with a pencil on a piece of paper.

Please don´t misinterpret me - I love my different iMacs in my design-studio in Hvar, in Zagreb and in Germany. Can't live anymore without my new iPAD PRO, the phones and all the other digital miracle machines.

But I have the same love to my pencils and my watercolor box. I love the clack noise opening the watercolor box and I love the rustling of paper during a drawing session.

„It took me a few seconds to draw it, but it took me 27 years to learn how to draw it in a few seconds.“ Paula Scher, Designer

               "Me, too."

                                                Neno, Designer

Do you want to grab this book for free printed with my designs and colorful product packages?

Give me a call - and we will send it the same day to You...

Neno: +49-(0)157-55235605

my second


Hey? Whats that? We live in the 21st century!

YES! But he lives...

Welcome to high speed design...

and No Limits


High speed starts always very slow.

But to get fasten we need no drugs and any kind of amphetamins making our brain going round -

we need just a...

  simple & nice idea.

  Test it clever: show a child your idea or your concept and check the answer. You will be surprised, and you will save with this result a lot of money for your  next coming marketing and advertising concept...

Design & Illustration / Neno Dubovi

Fon +49 - (0)157 - 55 23 56 05

Fon +385 - (0)91 - 358 48 89

CROATIA-Nike Karkovića 16•HR-21450 Hvar

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